Buy Moped

  Used Moped for Sale 



They are sold as is, there are no warranties on these used Mopeds.                                                                                                                                    

Ride off on your very own Kinetic TFR and you will experience

the wind on your face and explore the narrowest street in the

city. It is easy to pedal start. Just turn the ignition key, give            

it a kick and the two-stroke, 49-cc engine starts easily.  A simple

device makes it easy to switch over to pedaling. It has a sturdy

box-type chassis. Suspension to make your ride more smooth.

Goes up to 28 mph and is economical on gas and gets up to 150 miles

per gallon. No need to ever worry about rising gas prices. Has a

 headlight, brakelights and a rear-view mirror. Meets Federal

 vehicle safety standards.







Contact us at 215-514-3124 for price and pick up information. Ship weight: 150 lbs


Before buying a moped:

Please check with your local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) for information regarding registration, age requirements, titles and helmet laws. Make sure you can register the moped in your state.  Also note that it is unlawful to operate a moped on most highways.      



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